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Lost in Play: Lost in their imagination, Toto and Gal are on a feel-good adventure to find a home. The two children exploring dreamscapes while befriending magical creatures is part of this enchanting puzzle game that’ll have you feeling like your playing through an animated television show!

About This Game:

Help a brother and sister on an epic journey to find their way home! They’ve been captured by some nasty creatures, but you can help them escape. Along the way, they’ll meet up with quirky goblins who are always ready for adventure (or romance).

Lost in Play Free PC Download

Lost in Play is the story of a brother and sister who set out on an adventure through childhood imagination. The game has thoughtful puzzles that challenge you to use your creativity, as well as colorful characters with unique designs for each character’s specific setting! Along their journey, they meet many interesting creatures including some friendly ones but there are also dangers around every corner so it will take all three working together if we want any chance at making our way back home safely…

What if you could explore a world filled with lost causes, puzzles that are more than they seem, and games of chance? Join the pirate seagull on his quest to find crew members for their ship. Help him navigate through this bizarre dreamlike setting by solving unique challenges all while collecting pieces from different stories together!

Lost in Play Free Game Download

This story is all about how you get lost in play, and it’s not until much later that morning that things start going wrong. As the days go on your adventure grows more dangerous with every step forward into this unknown land where anything could happen! You’ll be given puzzles to solve along with clues left by previous travelers who’ve gone before us-but hurry because time isn’t always kind…

With its hand-crafted style similar to animated shows from childhood, Lost in Play is a story meant for all. Whether you’re seeking wholesome delight or just want some good times with your family this colorful adventure will keep everyone entertained!

You and your children will be lost in this incredible world of puzzles. No dialogue means you can play it anytime, anywhere – even if English isn’t his first language! Watch as the characters on screen interact with each other using only animation cues to tell their story—a truly magical experience for all ages.”

Lost in Play Free Download

Lost in Play is a new collection of games where you can explore nostalgic worlds and solve tricky puzzles. You’ll meet the Hilda Goblin, build your very own dragon, teach sheep how to fly—and maybe catch derpy chickens too! Lost in Play


  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: i3 7100 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 3 GB available space

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